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Getting to Know Melissa: Introducing Myself in the New 2024 Blog

Hello World!

I'm back on the blog. If you're new here, it's my pleasure to welcome you and thank you for visiting my site. My name is Melissa, I'm from Dallas, Texas, and have lived in North Texas all of my life. I am a mother of two young boys. I enjoy spending quality time with my family, traveling, vlogging, staying active with cardio, strength and yoga workouts, cooking up new recipes and attending sporting events. (Go, Texas Rangers!!)

I have been blogging since 2017 but a lot has changed since my last post published in 2019. Since then, I have continued venturing as an entrepreneur, owning a small business called "MAMI FIT BY Mel" where I provided personal and group fitness training services as a certified personal trainer. During this time, I found myself often intrigued by discovering new knowledge about nutrition when working with clients. Therefore, by developing a new passion for science behind food and its nutrient biochemical and physiological processes, I aspired to further my expertise in the field of nutrition. After 14 years working in business for many large companies, including my own small business, I decided to take the next step into a new pathway, becoming a full-time college student.

I began studying college coursework in January of 2020. Trust me, I know what you're probably thinking. "Wow, didn't you pick a memorable time to start college classes?" The answer is "yes, you are absolutely right!" I did have an irregular start when working on assignments, attending virtual classes, all while teaching my kids a new virtual school format at home during our world pandemic. I mean, we were all learning simultaneously during this time. Thankfully, my family and I remained healthy, and we got through it together. I graduated in 2022 with my Associate Degree and my two sons were there to support me when I walked the stage. Reflecting on this time as a mother, I am proud that we managed to overcome all the difficult challenges we faced or came our way.

Currently, I am a senior undergraduate student at a state university in Texas, majoring a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition with a Emphasis in Dietetics. Classes are back in the classroom, for myself and for my children, and I strive each day to make it a better day than the last. I apply this in all aspects of life, as a mother, student, entrepreneur, personal relationships and beyond. My plan is to pursue a Masters Degree in Sports Nutrition and seek a career as a Sports Dietitian. Although, this is my plan today, I have learned that plans do not always go as planned. Plans can change and new venture opportunities may be approached. Therefore, we must learn to roll with the punches as they come or go. Growing from each experience and longing to learn new skills in all future endeavors, I believe is the key to success.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, as I hope to bring you new informative knowledge each blog.

Until my next post... Namaste!

Melissa Marie


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