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3 Days of Celery Juicing

As I take the first sip of this wondering green juice I say to myself, “Wow, what’s this?! Oh yea, that’s celery juice, it taste just like celery sticks!” It was a strange feeling because I was drinking it rather than just chewing it up. It was like my mind was playing tricks on me because it then followed up with “I need to find a side of peanut butter” or “can someone pass the chicken, I’m in the mood for some chicken salad!”

The Juice Bar Lakewood in Dallas, TX was kind enough to have a giveaway and fortunately I was the winner that won the giveaway for a 64oz Growler of Celery Juice! How cool, right?! I was told by the friendly and energetic staff manager Hector that a jug like this was only good for 3 days max! So I decided to take this opportunity to monitor my thoughts, body responses and experience by drinking 20oz of celery juice per day for this process (at least 16oz is recommended).

A number of benefits for drinking celery juice include Vitamin C and K, folate and potassium, helps to fight cancer and liver disease, reduces inflammation (especially for brain-related diseases), reduces bloating, helps prevent ulcers, helps eczema and psoriasis, a healing for acne, supports weight loss, helps lower high cholesterol, prevents high blood pressure, and boost cardiovascular health. I mean this drink is slayed with benefits!

On Day 1, I drank 10oz in the morning, just upon waking up and on an empty stomach. This is the best time of day for your body to absorb the most benefits out of each glass. I then followed up with another 10oz glass later in the afternoon or early evening, before I had my dinner.

Day 2, my mind was already expecting the taste of it and the juice went down very smooth without any surprising taste. I noticed throughout the day my metabolism had a little boost as well.

Day 3, I woke up craving the celery juice! Shocking right? Keep in mind I don’t normally have celery on a regular basis and this experience was very brand new to me. On a side note, I even noticed I didn’t crave sugar throughout the day. I bought a dark chocolate candy bar during Day 1 and I never even opened it through the whole experience, which goes to show my normal little craving shockingly dropped.

I wanted to share this experience with my 20 month old son Drew who couldn’t stop drinking the celery juice as well. Sharing is caring so I absolutely could not pass up the chance to share all of these great benefits with him too. Plus, if you start these veggie habits early as young children, their chances of enjoying veggies during adulthood would be significantly higher, which I definitely do want for little Drew.

To sum it all up, after I finished my 3 days of Celery Juice, I woke up on both, Day 4 and Day 5 craving and missing more celery juice! That's right, I craved it!

This new habit and experience was so awesome and I can not wait to have my next glass of Celery Juice! Even though this was my first experience with celery juice, it definitely will not be my last!

Special thanks to The Juice Bar Lakewood for this experience and opportunity.


If you bring your 64oz Growler back to The Juice Bar you will automatically save 10% on the refills!

-Melissa Marie

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