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Baked Salmon Tostadas

Tostada night is a tradition my family and I do every week. Aside from our regular chicken tostadas, I decided to change it up and bake Salmon Tostadas. The minute I bit into them, I thought I was on vacation by the sea with a fresh breeze. The taste is so refreshing and has a nice crunch to finish!

Ingredients I used listed below:

2 Baked Mission Tostada Shells – 100 Calories

4 oz Chopped Salmon – 192 Calories

2 tbsp Guacamole - 46 Calories (Sub beans for guacamole)

½ cup lettuce or spinach - 5 Calories

1 oz Feta cheese - 75 Calories

(Optional not imaged) Topped with Salsa Verde

Total Calories: 417 Calories (Without Salsa Verde)

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