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Playground Workouts With My Mini

How To Stay Active With Your Little Ones!

Yesterday was the first Saturday of 2018 so I took my son to the park and on th,e way there we loaded up my car with a few simple exercising equipment to get our afternoon workout on at our local Playground.

These are the items we put together

1. 1 set of 8lb dumbbells

2. 1 set of ankle weights

3. Yoga Mat

4. Bottled Waters for 2

I started off setting up my designed area to perform my exercises and within 5 minutes my son ran over to me and began helping me arrange my area to begin my workout. I started off with a 5 minute run around the park and my son began to follow and chase me. This was great because he also was releasing all of his built of energy any 3 year old boy has and calling it play time with Mommy.

After our 5 minute warm up run we did the following exercises together.

50 Crunches

3 x 15 Sets of lunges on each leg with dumbbells

3 x 20 sets of wide sumo squats with dumbbells

3 x 25 Sets of Donkey kicks with ankle weights

3 x 15 Arm Standing dumbbell shoulder press

10 Push ups with added 37 lb body weight (My Son on my back)

Then ending our workout with a small 5 minute yoga session.

My son and I really enjoyed doing this together and shared so many good laughs, smiles and fun memories. I would highly recommend this outdoor activity for you and your little ones!

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